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Bespoke wedding service


Looking for something truly special to make your day stand out? Enjoy the freedom of choice you can achieve when having your ceremony with us.



Willow Celebrant Services is an award winning service devoted to providing a uniue, professional service to all our couples. With us you can choose the venue of your dreams with no restrictions. The law requires that rooms intended for marriages must be licensed and it is only within those rooms that you can legally get married. However, if you attend your local registration office  to carry out the mandatory paperwork and legal marriage registration you are then free to celebrate your wedding with the ceremony you truly dream of.  Many couples choose to pop into the registration office with their two witnesses and have their legal marriage with no fuss for as little as £50. They then choose to treat their celebratory ceremony as their wedding, inviting all of their guests and celebrating in style. You can do this ANYWHERE!


You now have the freedom to make your day your own. It can take place in a field, in the woods, by the sea, or at a place special you. We offer traditional ceremonies and humanist ceremonies, and everything inbetween. We would work closely with you to create your dream ceremony, including any readings and vows you would like to say to each other making your ceremony as personal as possible. We also have a range of 'add on' ceremonies to make your ceremony truly bespoke and memorable. These include Handfasting ceremonies, Wine sharing ceremonies, Candlelighting ceremonies, Butterfly release ceremonies, Childrens ceremonies and the Rose ceremony.


There are so many beautiful locations and you now have no limits to how special your day can be.

For a comprehensive list of the wedding package, additional services and prices we offer please see below.

If you require any guidance regarding the legal process  we are more than happy to talk you through it and point you in the right direction.

We must make it clear that our ceremonies have no legal standing, if there is any uncertainty as to how this works please contact us and we will explain further.



Please feel free to contact us for an informal chat with no obligation or to book an appointment. We are ready to make your day!



Services and Prices

The Bespoke Wedding Package  from £400*
  • Initial 30 minute meeting to discuss your wishes and answer any questions
  • 30 minute follow up meeting to discuss final ceremony and confirm content
  • 20-30 minute ceremony
  • Commemorative certificate
​Additional services to add on
Rehearsal prices start at £50**
​Extra ceremony time £40
10-20 mins for extra readings or personal touches you would like to include. This fee does not apply to the additional ceremony options
Children's ceremony £40
This ceremony is a way to include children of the couple and is especially touching for blended families. The bride and groom can present each child with a gift and make them feel a special part of the ceremony.
Handfasting ceremony £20-£70
'Tying the Knot', an ancient celtic marriage ritual. A cord (every attempt will be made to match the colour of your choice) is tied around the hands of the couple to symbolise their unity. This is done during the vows and the couple get to keep the cord as special keepsake from their ceremony.
Sand ceremony £40-£100
The ceremony sees the couple mix their sand together in a glass vase symbolising their unity. The vase of sand is kept as a keepsake of the ceremony. It is also possible for children of the bride and groom to add sand to the vase if wished.  Every attempt will be made to match the sand colour of your choice. As it is likely the vase will be displayed in the couples home it may be preferred that this is purchased by the bride and groom to accommodate their own tastes. If we are required to carry out the ceremony only the fee will be £40, if we are required to buy the sand and also the vase the price can then increase. Please contact us for a discussion on your requirements.
Wine sharing ceremony £60
This ceremony symbolises unity, companionship and the sharing of one life. There are various ways in which this ceremony can take place, please contact us for further information.
Candle lighting ceremony £60
At the beginning of the ceremony two guests (often the mothers of the bride and groom) light taper candles. At the end of the ceremony the bride and groom light the unity candle together. This symbolises their new life together and the unity candle can be kept as a keepsake of their ceremony and lit on each anniversary. Location and weather should be taken into account when choosing this ceremony. Permission form the venue should be sought due to fire regulations. If the ceremony is taking place outside the candles may be hard to light or blow out. An alternative ceremony might be a consideration in this case.
Rose ceremony £50
The bride and groom exchange a rose bud symbolising the giving and receiving of love. As an extra special touch these roses can be handed to the mother-in-laws as the couple exit at the end of the ceremony.



*Prices dependent on Venue and requested meeting locations. All prices include 60 mile round trip travel for the ceremony from our base near Witney, Oxfordshire. Any further distance travelled will incur a cost but this will be kept to a minimum. Please ask for a quote.
**Rehearsal prices start at £50 depending on time and location. Please ask for a quote.